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The word “e-house” – electrical house, in the sense that is used today came after about 40 years ago, when specialists have realized that it is more effective when the situation allows, as an electrical equipment defined function to It is fully realized and tested in a manufacturing plant, only to be installed and wired in a building made in site. Focusing the responsibility on a single channel or device manufacturer, shortening manufacturing and ease tracking of site work were key factors that contributed to the development of this new approach.

The concept of e-house began with the transformer, which became prefabricated compacted, with power increasingly larger and continued with supply points in medium and low voltage, their range developed gradually, today finding in-house range of inverters for photovoltaic parks containers, containers converters to control various technological equipment, and many other types of containers made electric theme.

ProStrong Series includes the following types of e-house:

·         Transformer, points Connections and Power Points – technical data sheet concrete / metallic / photo gallery / layouts

·         Containers and cabins equipped with electrical medium voltage and / or relays transformer stations for HV / MV – technical data sheet / photo gallery / layout 1 & 2

·         Power Inverter containers – for photovoltaic parks – technical data sheet / PVBOX 1MVA / PVBOX 2MVA

·         Electric Containers CVSD – for pumping stations – technical data sheet 3x110kw / 4x250kw / 6x132kw

·         Electric Containers CUPS – supply infrastructure for telecommunications networks, supply ships in port under the concept Shore Connection – technical data sheet 1,25MVA & 2MVA / photo gallery

·         Containers on the topic. Depending on the application of different containers can design and produce electricity for various industrial applications that can encapsulate automation equipment, metering, and other pneumatic equipment.